Buying an engagement ring for your beloved might be more complicated than you think. Of course, you can go for any precious metal that you like, but when it comes to stones, nothing beats the charm of diamonds. If you want to buy engagement rings in Brisbane CBD, below are the five tips you need to know.

  • Know your diamond. For diamonds, you need to know the 4 Cs – color, clarity, cut and carat. Carat is nothing but the apparent size of the diamond, whereas clarity refers to the absence of blemishes within the stone. The cut largely determines how light reflects from the diamond, where as the color tells about the quality of the diamond.

  • Find a good jeweler. There are many stores, both online and offline, that sell diamond rings for engagement, but reputation and collections are two points you cannot afford to ignore. Find a jeweler, who offers complete details for buying the ring.
  • Consider the shape. Apart from the 4 Cs, you also need to consider the shape of the diamond, which largely tells about the geometry. Consider what your fiancée may like and pick one accordingly.
  • Select the right metal. Diamonds look best in platinum and gold, but you can always opt for one of unusual choices, such as white gold or even rose gold. Platinum is preferred because of its eternal shine and durability, whereas gold is more of the traditional choice.

  • Finally, stretch the budget. If you want to pick the best engagement ring for your fiancée, you need to select something that will stand the test of time. Classic engagement rings Brisbane by Nick Ireland are designed with utmost attention to detail, and you can expect to get a rare collection like no other.

Check online now and find your special ring!

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