Irish jewelry has many styles, but the Claddagh Ring stands out for many reasons. This is the kind of ring you would want to buy for your beloved. The design, despite changes in styles and intricacies, remains the same – two hands clasp a heart with a crown on the top. There’s an old saying in Ireland – “With These hands, I give you my heart and crown it with my love.” Over hundreds of years, the Claddagh Ring has found make takers in different parts of the globe, and contemporary lovers seal their love by exchanging these rings. Wondering how to wear a Claddagh Ring? We have some pointers!

Wearing the Claddagh Ring

How you wear your Claddagh Ring tells a lot about your relationship status! Yes, you read that right. The ring is considered to be very special, and depending on how you wear it, your current relationship status is determined.

  • If you are wearing the Claddagh Ring on your right hand, with the heart away from your hand/body, it means that you are single.
  • If the ring is still on the right hand, but with the heart facing the arm/body, it means that someone is important in the wearer’s life.
  • When the ring on the left hand with the heart pointing at the wearer’s body, it means that the person is married.
  • On the left hand, if the heart is facing outwards, it indicates that the person is engaged to someone in love

There are many legends associated with the ring, and if you check the internet, you will find many interesting tales. One such legend talks about a prince, who was deeply in love with a common maid. His father wasn’t convinced, so he designed the ring with the three symbols that stand for love, friendship and loyalty. When he explained his father about the ring, he allowed them to get married.

Buying a Claddagh Ring

There are many online jewelers, who sell authentic Irish jewelry, and you can easily find the Claddagh Ring. There are all sorts of designs, depending on what you want to spend. Keep in mind that the seller should be genuine, especially if you are investing in an expensive item. Also, check the shipping and returns policy of the concerned seller, so that you can exchange the product, if needed.

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