jewellery trends to look forward

Fashion changes every day. The retro designs are making a comeback and stealing the show. It’s not a compulsion to stock your wardrobe with new clothes and footwear every season. You can shift your gaze to jewelleries as well. Jewelleries add a bling to your entire appearance. This year is all about making it bigger and bolder.


Bracelets are in demand. When worn in the right way, it gives a sophisticated look. Bracelets have evolved this year. There are bulky bracelets and extra thin bracelets for people who prefer a specific type. For the nature lovers, there’s recycled bracelets as well. Make a bold statement by wearing these contrasting bracelets.

Bulky Necklaces

2019 is all about heavy necklaces. Your neck becomes a focal point when you’re wearing a neck piece.  If you’re looking for an elegant look, go for a single strand chain and a diamond pendant. This kind of neck piece has all the ability to enhance your look. Wearing a chunky neck piece over a jeans and a t-shirt can make you look trendy. That’s not all. Layering the neck pieces in different lengths could steal the show.

Mismatched Earrings

Earrings, not being a part of any jewellery trend, is not possible. This year, get ready to switch the focus on your face too. This time, earrings are available in new shapes and sizes. For the shape lovers, not to worry, 2019 will be offering a great bonus by getting in triangle, square, spiral and rhombus into the game. Long earrings are another ‘look forward to’ this year, especially the rough and solid ones. Mix and match the earrings you get and conquer the unique look.


The classic design of rings embedded with precious stones can never go out of style. One cannot miss out on rings when you’re getting dolled up. Stackable rings are the next trend. These are double or triple rings that can worn on your nails or toe.

This year has just began and there’s much more to look forward to when it comes to jewelleries. Brace yourselves to see some stunning jewellery pieces to hit the headlines and be ready to pile up your drawer with a bunch of them.    

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