January 24, 2019
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  • 10:32 am 3 Essential Health Care Tips for This Rainy Season

Rain is all about getting relief from the summer’s scorching heat and enjoying the illuminated surroundings. But, for many people, rain is all about irritation and health issues as children and adults with weak immunity catch cold, fever, cough, fungal infections on the skin, and breathing issues if there is fungus in the surroundings.

Problems for people with arthritis, skin allergies and diarrhea increases exponentially. It’s only possible to stay healthy in such weather by taking necessary precautions to make the weather enjoyable:

  • Stay Away from Dirty Clogged Water:

During the rainy season, the most visible site is of the clogged gutters and muddy streets. They act as a habitat for many viruses and bacteria, which might lead to waterborne infections like influenza (flu), fungal infections in ear, throat, skin, and even cause diarrhea.

Wear a raincoat and shoes to stay away from coming in contact with dirty water. Always wear a mosquito repellent when going out in open because accumulated water is a breeding ground for insects and the monsoon is a party time for malaria. To be more cautious, you can take anti-malaria drugs on doctor’s instructions. Drink a lot of water. Don’t use carbonated, alcoholic, or caffeinated drinks as alternatives.

  • Hygiene Is Important:

We are normally particular about not touching dirt, but what if we touch an infected railing or infected seats in buses or trains. Washing hand with warm water using soap is advisable.

Avoid walking in rains as it makes you prone to a host of viral infections like leptospirosis and causes numerous fungal infections on feet and nails because of wet shoes and socks. So, dry your feet immediately. Try keeping an extra pair of footwear and clothes with you. A shower after returning home is the best to insulate yourself from all possible infections caused due to sweat and dirt cause of humidity. Take vitamin-c to boost your immunity.

  • Follow a Healthy Diet:

In this season, the digestive system is most prone to infections. So, avoid eating street food. Avoid salads and raw vegetables unless consumed at home where it is washed well and then eaten. Most of the diseases in the rainy season are waterborne. So, stay away from stagnant water. Drink only boiled and filtered water to be safe. Outside food is the main culprit in food poisoning cases and increases waterborne diseases. Prepare warm food at home and drink plenty of water.